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As most people who know me know, I’m a pretty big fan of San Francisco. Even with its high rents, disfunctional mass transit system and even the fog that hangs around my neighborhood, i’m constantly reminded how different this city is, and how much amazing things seem to take place here. Lately, what’s really stood […]

I was going to try and do this Travelogue in sequential order- which means this chapter *should* be  Buenos Aires- but screw it, i’m skipping to Mendoza because i’m still high off the incredible time I had there- and I still can’t believe what happened. Coming into town on an overnight bus from Buenos Aires, […]

Its been a while since I blogged and its time to get back in the swing of things- do I sense a new years resolution coming on? Well I’m back on the road and looking forward to quite a trip! Traveling through Brazil, and then Uruguay and Argentina. Its crazy to think its been a […]

Wow, its been too long since i blogged about anything. Seriously too long. Well its been an interesting past few weeks for sure- ups, downs and adventures all around. First with the downs-which range from the pressure cooker of end-of-year at work to the death of my pet hedgehog tomo ( 😦 ), add some […]

Growing up (?)


Over the weekend I was in Chicago, meeting up with some old fast friends. In the midst of catching up on all the major details of the past year- I got called out on something interesting. In the middle of conversation, I said “when I grow up”- without even thinking about how hilarious it is […]



Yesterday I got back from a trip with friends to New Orleans- and I was moved a lot more than expected. Beyond the craziness of bourbon street, the hype, the spectre of katrina and the damage that’s been healed, and some that’s still sore- I saw a city that was truly unique in the United […]



As the Web 2.0 conference winds down and all the parties, lobby-cons, meetups, mashups- i’ve started to realize how crazily connected everyone in the community, and San Francisco seems to be. Its amazing to see just how ridiculously intertwined everyone is, and how people seem to know each other. Facebook seems to be one of […]