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As most people who know me know, I’m a pretty big fan of San Francisco. Even with its high rents, disfunctional mass transit system and even the fog that hangs around my neighborhood, i’m constantly reminded how different this city is, and how much amazing things seem to take place here. Lately, what’s really stood […]

With all the buzz coming up, about the 3g iphone coming, more people are asking me about my iphone, and how it works for me, and does it change your life radically, or does it make me much cooler than the new kids (circa 1988 ) or sexier than Peter Jackson (?) While some things […]

It seems like the tech world is not a whole ton different from fashion, or from a ton of other industries- there’s definate trends, styles and that come in and out (but i’m not even going to go into some Hot or Not style rating system). Working with startups over the past year, attending an […]