On the road again


Its been a while since I blogged and its time to get back in the swing of things- do I sense a new years resolution coming on?

Rio di janaeiro

Well I’m back on the road and looking forward to quite a trip! Traveling through Brazil, and then Uruguay and Argentina. Its crazy to think its been a year since my last trip, and i’m looking forward to seeing where this one takes me.

South America has been one of my favorite places to travel. The sheer size of it- and how wild and relatively unpoluted it is (compared to asia or parts of eastern europe/Africa.

Its crazy how traveling to some foreign land can give you new perspectives on things. Removed from all the stress, craziness, expectations and work back in the bay area- traveling gives me a chance to pause and reflect. Especially with so much coming up.

The new year, turning 30, both family and friends and how we relate is changing- everything truly is changing (as it always does), it just seems that now, more than ever, that’s true. I’m wondering where this year is going to take me and what I should focus on.

And from there…we’ll see. Until then, we’ll see where the road takes me. Until then friends…. 🙂

p.s. if you have any good recommendations for places to go in Brazil, Buenos Aires of Mendoza, i’d love to have em! 🙂


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