A night in

Tasty, tasty soup!

Tasty, tasty soup!

Its been way, way waaaaaaay too long since my last blog, and just like cleaning your room, if you don’t do it in a while- thing start piling up. There’s so much to catch up on.

After spending an incredible and much-needed week at burning man, i’ve been slammed with work, and a crazy amount of things going on in my non-work life. With all the business, the market crashing and any number of distractions- i’ve turned to…well…food (I know, not too big of a surprise).

Its not just eating food for me- its making it, crafting it and getting to enjoy it. Isn’t cooking after all art? And one that you can fully enjoy, share and indulge in. What’s not to love (minus a few pounds here and there).

Ever since, i’ve been working in my kitchen lab, whipping up all sorts of new recipes. Soups? Check. Entrees? check- desert- i’ll take 2. All these new recipes, and new gear, is giving me a chance to branch out and explore a bit more. While I may never be a top chef, i’m happy to cook whenever I can.  I’ll start posting some of my “best of the best” recipies shortly after I sit down and get to it(please harass me, if I’m late)

until then, here are some pics and links :


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