Counting down to Burning Man…


Sunrise over the playa

With just a few weeks left before burning man, and I seriously can’t wait. Not that this is too much of a surprise for those that get the (mis)fortune of seeing me on a regular basis. Like apparently half of san francisco (seriously, the mission feels like a ghostown)- i’ll be heading to the black rock desert in Nevada for a week of incredible art and adventure.

For those who aren’t aware of burning man, its an arts festival in the middle of an ancient lake bed. For an entire week, people contstruct some of the most amazing art, exhibits, meals and illusions i’ve ever seen. Explaining it is a bit tough to bring in words since there’s nothing else like it i’ve ever seen. Its not as easy though as just pulling up to your average art and wine festival, it is in the middle of the desert and the weather can get extreme. Blaring heat in the day and cold at the night, dustorms  occur from time to time and whiteouts aren’t uncommon. that combined with the dust the gets _everywhere_ (and everyplace you probably don’t want it).

This is combined with the fact you have to pack _everything_ you need for the week- food, water, clothing, costumes (a key part of the party). This and just getting everything packed into your car for the treck can be daunting enough. but its all worth it when you get there.

When you travel, there are incredible natural sights to see- the Andes, Niagara Falls, Yosemite- and burning man is one of the most amazing displays of human made beauty i’ve seen. Incredibly ornate temples to super awesome art cars to a ice cream stand in the middle of the desert. Its almost like a place that feels on the edge of some kinda weird dream.

Nights on the playa for me are the most intense- with huge flame shooting art pieces illuminating the night sky, and hundreds of art cars rolling across the desert slowly. Some of the larger ones being converted buses with huge sound system, laser lights and entire bars inside. The cool thing about this is these are basically mobile parties- and people are more than happy to let you hop on board for any lenght of time. Oh, and since there is no money exchanged at burning man- everything is a “gift” economy (meaning you expect no payment but give freely) all the bars are open bars. There are even some theme camps that go as far as to fly in fresh sushi and server it to everyone for free. Truly awesome.

Of course, its not for everyone- being out in the desert without any normal facilities can be tough, as is the crazy playa dust- and all the loud music and craziness going on 24/7. But if you’re looking for one of the most unique and incredible sights and experiences you will see- you should go.

If you are there- you can find me at the Bat Country camp at 9:30 and esplanade. And i’m also helping the Dreamyourtopia crew on a massive art project they’re doing. I’ll see you on the playa!


One Response to “Counting down to Burning Man…”

  1. 1 ko

    Ahhhh, nothing like waking up in the morning and reading about someone else that’s just as excited as our camp.
    WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Have a great time

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