Beer! Part 1

its whats for dinner
Hmm..Wonder which one i’ll choose

Food is one of my favorite things on the planet. If i’m having the roughest day imaginable to the most awesome day believable- there’s usually one thing on my mind- food. And what goes with food? Drinks (duh)- and one of my absolutel favorites is beer.

And i’ll be honest- I”m pretty spoiled here in SF when it comes to beers. When your average dive bar serves both PBR and Chimay- you’re not doing too bad. Throw in a good happy hour price, and its heaven in a pint. So lets review some of my fav’s.


This “white beer” is a perfect combination-   a lighter pilsner combined with a smooth wheat beer. Like Brangelina’s spawn, the two source products are perfect enough, the kids are gonna be good. Well, maybe not, but the story behind the beer is pretty awesome. A milkman, pissed that his favorite brewery closed, started cloning the beer in a hay loft– that’s some commitment.


A strong Belgian ale, its got the most complex beer flavor i’ve had (blue or red label versions). The red has a nuttier taste to it, and the blue is unfiltered, and slightly more full bodied. The alcohol content is also higher too. These two beers definately stand out as some of the best i’ve ever had- which isn’t surprising, since they’re brewed by Trappist monks who go the extra distance. Yes, its one thing to dedicate yourself to prayer and the church, give up sex and live a quiet life. Its another thing to do all the above, and take a vow of silence– and then brew some awesome beer- so you know that energy is invested where it counts- and we benefit from it!

Lindeman’s Framboise

Probably one of the most interesting, and weirdly addicting beers i’ve had. This Frambois has the body of a beer, but the sweet taste of a white/rose wine- kind of. They literally add a ton of rasberries into the fermentation process, so not only does the beer taste good- its got your essetial vitamins too (i’m counting each glass as two fruit servings πŸ˜‰ )  Its a bit tough to find (sometimes Trader Joes has it, and BevMo too)- but if you see it, BUY IT. If you don’t like it, send the bottle to me πŸ˜‰


3 Responses to “Beer! Part 1”

  1. 1 bentlyr

    Give some of the Unibroue beers a try. AMAZING stuff.

  2. 2 jennifer

    I myself am partial to the Chimay Blue, but the heat and humidity in Miami at times requires a pale ale! This weekend I tried Monty Python’s “Holy ail” (the “gr” is intentionally crossed out;)), and I must say it was pretty good for a pale ale. And guess what, they say it’s great with–you got it–BACON:

  3. 3 susan

    Loved the Lindeman – thanks to you for the introduction! Tell me, was this post at all inspired by yesterday’s InBev purchase of Anheuser-Busch?

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