Catching my breath


Sunlight over Jaisalmer planeWow, its been too long since i blogged about anything. Seriously too long. Well its been an interesting past few weeks for sure- ups, downs and adventures all around. First with the downs-which range from the pressure cooker of end-of-year at work to the death of my pet hedgehog tomo ( 😦 ), add some personal dramas and a dash of helping some friends out in rough spots- there’s been a lot to think about, and think through- and almost certainly, i’ll need some more time till everything really sinks in.

Balancing that though, I closed one of the largest projects i’ve ever done at work (exciting stuff!), got to see some good friends get married, and go on some ridiculous adventures from the city to Sonoma on down to Carmel- all reminding me why I (ir)rationally love California so much. Such big ups and downs- but taking the long view- things are still positive in the balance.

With the new work year ahead of me, its given me a bit of time to reflect on what i’ve done this past year, and what I hope to accomplish this coming year. I’m persuing some new projects and hope that this new inspiration brings me renewed focus as well. I guess time will tell, and at the very least, it’ll be something to write about in my next blog post 🙂


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