(Not so) deep thinkings on the iPhone


On my iphoneWith all the buzz coming up, about the 3g iphone coming, more people are asking me about my iphone, and how it works for me, and does it change your life radically, or does it make me much cooler than the new kids (circa 1988 ) or sexier than Peter Jackson (?) While some things aren’t for me to say (in polite company), I can give my random thoughts over the past year of ownership.

First off, I bought my iphone _after_ the price drop- no fancy, smoove first mover status for me, the day the price dropped was the day my old Treo died. Naturally, i took this as a sign from above to buy an iPhone, and I did, and so far…the experience has been…well, like a relationship that starts out ridiculously hot, and then you find out about all those crazy quirks that turn you off big time, but the sizzle is still so hot you don’t want to totally let go.

That’s not to say its not consistent- i mean, the killer app for a phone is to make calls- and it does that just fine. Good quality calls, it gets decent reception- although I had problems roaming in mexico, and in India for the record. But the bells and whistles of the iphone are pretty sweet, but after a while, can feel a bit like one of those old Twilight Zone episodes where some schmuck makes a deal with the devil, and he gets everything thing he wants, but the devil puts in one annoying little thing that messes it up.

While the iphone’s browser is pretty sweet, the screen is awesome, and the ability to have a built in ipod is nice, there are some basic things that it fails at. Nothing is as vexing as the picture text feature. Let me explain.

Lets say you’re out and about, and all of a sudden, you get a picture text message from someone, and for whatever reason, it would be something you really, really want to see (get your mind out of the gutter kids). No worries, your iphone can handle awesome picture slideshows, so a picture text should be no problem. Well…no. The second you get a picture text from someone, you get a curt text message saying someone “has sent you a multimedia message”- and it gives you a url to go to and enter some random code, and password of numbers and letters. Well, no worries, you can just copy and paste that random string of numbers and letters into the browser and log into this website, right? oohhh, snap, there’s no copy and paste on the iphone, so you better have practiced your sudoku or have a web -5.0 based pencil/pen to write that crap down. Well, then it takes 2 hours for said picture to appear on the website- which is SUPER lame. Well, when the pic finally gets up on the site, all that time you spent anticpating that picture make it all the sweeter right. So naturally when the pic starts loading up you feel….even more frustrated to realize the picture is in flash format, which the iphone also doesn’t support. EPIC FAIL! making you want to huck the phone at the nearest AT&T/Apple rep (careful of those small woodland creatures that may get in the way).

That being said, the iphone is pretty great minus the keyboard, and the restrictive text plans, but otherwise i’m happy. 3g will be a much needed addition to boot too. Being able to whip out your iphone and use it as a mobile photo album is pretty awesome too.

So there you go-postives, negatives, and FAILs. Shoot me an email if you have any more questions, I promise I won’t send you a picture text in return 😉


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