Growing up (?)


Over the weekend I was in Chicago, meeting up with some old fast friends. In the midst of catching up on all the major details of the past year- I got called out on something interesting. In the middle of conversation, I said “when I grow up”- without even thinking about how hilarious it is for me to say that. I’ve graduated and have had a full time “real” job for a while, I pay taxes, pay rent, do all sorts of other “grown up stuff”- but i’m still thinking there’s something more somehow. When does someone actually “grow up”? Is it when they’ve got married? Own a house? Or collect x amount of experiences or years? Or is it all just a state of being

I think back over the past year and so much has happened- changing jobs, being single, traveling through mexico and India and running off with the circus (so to speak). I feel i’ve grown a lot, and have been able to get a better perspective on where I’m at, and more importantly, who i am. So if life is all about the journey and not the destination, does it even matter what our end goals are- so much as they provide the experience- or the journey- that’s worth pursuing?

I’ve been thinking about that question a lot lately. Over this past year, i’ve had a bunch of short term personal plans- trips here and there, completing some paintings etc- but most of what i’ve done has been ad hoc- as events have unfolded, i’ve reacted to them without having a larger set plan.

I think it time to become a bit more proactive in my approach to life- and maybe become a bit more ambitious- and expect a more tangible of a result. I’m excited about the opportunities and am just weighing which paths to follow. Either way, the choices will add a few more adventures to my life- and regardless if I ever truly “grow up” or not- it’ll give me a another experience, another story-and a new source of inspiration to draw from. Until then, its time for me to get back to work, and get some painting done…..


One Response to “Growing up (?)”

  1. 1 j . p . f

    “Growing up is hard to dooooooo”

    Whatever man, “growing up” is something that toys r us kids don’t do. Cause there are a million toys to play with!

    Yeah, it is an interesting thing isn’t it? I mean they say you are only as old as you feel. But how do you know how old you feel? haha.

    I always think of “Growing up” vs “grow up.” Kids say “growing up” and “grown-ups” say “grow up.” It’s like you have to forget one to be the other. You know I’m gettin’ married and I can’t say if I know what it’s like to be grown up. Does it just mean you have responsibility? Does it mean maturity? George Dubya has one but not the other does that mean he’s not grown up?

    I think when it all comes down to it it’s what you want versus what everyone else wants/expects of you. Perhaps growing up is really just a matter of finding a solution that works for you in that tension.

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