Image by Asian Neighborhood DesignYesterday I got back from a trip with friends to New Orleans- and I was moved a lot more than expected. Beyond the craziness of bourbon street, the hype, the spectre of katrina and the damage that’s been healed, and some that’s still sore- I saw a city that was truly unique in the United States. Its a city that’s culture, history and spirit seemed so tangible- from the distinctive look of everything from the houses, to the restarants, to the people. Rarely did I go anywhere where people weren’t friendly and welcoming- the pace seemed so much more laid back and easy than in most cities. And the stories the people tell are incredible- ranging from katrina, to growing up with some of the biggies of Jazz and funk.

There is also an amazing art scene too! A few of the galleries I (briefly) checked out looked interesting, and the characters on the street definately rivaled some i’ve met on the streets of SF (although no Frank Chu’s that I saw 😉 )

But the people are really what struck me- nowhere did I feel unwelcome, regardless if it was walking down the street, or talking to someone on their porch of their home. Many of the homes that have been rebuilt or renovated still bear the scars from the spray painted markers that were laid by early response teams during Katrina- informing whether a house was evacuated, needing to be demolished, or if there were bodies left inside- a stark reminder of the hurricane’s lingering effects. While it was still in the minds of everyone I spoke too, it seemed that they were looking forward to the future. How a lot of things were changing and getting better- it seemed like there was so much hope in many people, it was inpsiring. That being said, there was still a lot of work to do- and its clear a bunch of areas still haven’t even been touched, but in the balance, it looked and felt like things were getting better. I’m left still working through my thoughts on the trip but Nola left me inspired…now to use that energy in my other pursuits…


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  1. New Orleans is beautiful in every way. I went a few years ago, and want to go back to have a better chance to embrace everything that it is. An amazing city with alot of history, culture, and great music!

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