Y’know, its that thing that people usually do when they’re tired- most people seem to get around 8 hours of it a night- and that usually isn’t something that I do. On an average night, i’m getting around 5-6 hours, then when things are crazy- like the past few days- its more like 4. I get a little tired in the day sometimes, but i’m not falling asleep in my lunch. What is tired for you? I’m really, really curious to hear- since it seems like i’m rarely there.

Now, i get all sorts of hateration from my friends about how little I sleep- let alone my parents when I see them- but every so often I see a report like this one which shows the benefits of not sleeping. At the end of the day, i like to stay up because I can do more, see more and just use those two to three extra hours for “stuff”. Now the question is, how do you know what the “right” amount of sleep really is. Well, i’ll have to think about that one more…until then time for some more coffee….;)


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