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Yesterday I got back from a trip with friends to New Orleans- and I was moved a lot more than expected. Beyond the craziness of bourbon street, the hype, the spectre of katrina and the damage that’s been healed, and some that’s still sore- I saw a city that was truly unique in the United […]



As the Web 2.0 conference winds down and all the parties, lobby-cons, meetups, mashups- i’ve started to realize how crazily connected everyone in the community, and San Francisco seems to be. Its amazing to see just how ridiculously intertwined everyone is, and how people seem to know each other. Facebook seems to be one of […]



Y’know, its that thing that people usually do when they’re tired- most people seem to get around 8 hours of it a night- and that usually isn’t something that I do. On an average night, i’m getting around 5-6 hours, then when things are crazy- like the past few days- its more like 4. I […]

When it comes to loving a city, its hard to find anyone more biased than me. Yeah, I flagrantly pump this city like nobodies business- and yes, my friends even have a scientifically created “correction” they apply to my recommedations to bring my enthusiastic recommendations down to reality. I love this freakin city- San Francisco […]

It seems like the tech world is not a whole ton different from fashion, or from a ton of other industries- there’s definate trends, styles and that come in and out (but i’m not even going to go into some Hot or Not style rating system). Working with startups over the past year, attending an […]

Here it comes- my first blog posting. With everything going on in my life, it seems equal parts ridiculous- and intriguing for me to put together a blog. I’m excited- and a bit intimidated- having this endlessly big empty canvas to publish my thoughts on whatever comes to mind. So much has already, and is […]